I'll be seeing a client in Central next Monday,he happens to work in your building.
I wonder if I can see you in your office at around two that day.我可否在那天下午2点左右到您的办公室见您?
It's just that my company has printed some new calendars -.I was about to send a couple to you. But since I'll be doing business in your area,I might as well drop by your office and give them to you.
Oh,by the way, a colleague of mine wants to get medical cover. Can you give him some suggestions?噢,对了,我有一位同事想买医疗保险。您可以给他一些建议吗?
Sure, I'll he glad to. Ill bring some brochures with me. All right, I'll see you then.
It's nice of you to come. Please have a seat, wonld you?你能来真好。请坐,好吗?
Did you have any difficulty in finding our office?你找我们公司难不难?
Did it? Good!Would you like a cup of oolong?真的?那很好!你要不要来一杯乌龙茶?
I'd like to see Mr. Lin. My name is Jack Chen.我想见林先生。我叫陈杰克。
No, I don't, but I have some very important business to talk about.不,没有,不过我有一些很重要的事要谈。
Just a moment. Mr. Lin, Mr. Chen wants to talk to you on the phone.稍等一下。林先生,陈先生要跟您通电话。
Thank you. Mr. Lin, something bas come up that I have to talk to you.
I'm looking for a Mr. 7.bang who is in charge of the export department.我要找一位张先生,他是负责出口部门的。
You came to the right person. I'm Mr. Zhang himself.你找对人了,我就是张先生本人。
I'm here to see Mr. Roberts.我是来见罗伯茨先生。

A:Hello, Bill Burton speaking. What can I do for you?
B:Hello, Mr. Burton. This is Jenny Jenkins of Bradford and Sons returning your call. Tm sorry you nussed me when you called my office this morning. 'sty secretary said you called concerning our meeting next Tuesday?
A:Yes, Ms. Jenkins, thank you for returning my call. I'm glad to finally get a hold of you. I wanted to let you know I will not he able to make our meeting next Tuesday. I will he out of town that day. Is there any possibility we can move the meeting to Monday?
B:I'm sorry, Fin afraid Im completely hooked on Monday. Would it be possible to postpone until you return?
A: Oh dear, I was counting on taking care of our meeting before I leave,but I suppose I could shuffle a few things. Yes, we can arrange something. rU he. back Thuwlay morning. What about Thursday afternoon? Would that work for you?
B:That should be fine. Shall we say about two o'clock?
A: Perfect. I'll look forward to seeing you at two o'clock next Thursday afternoon. If you need to change the time, please feel free. to call me on my phone.
B:Thanks Mr. Burton. I'll see you on Thursday.
B:对不起,恐怕我周一的日程已排满了。能否等您回来再说? 新浪微博:金嘴巴英语