Lesson 1 迎接病人

  【Situation 场景】

  系列会话中,一个护士迎接病人的到来,并与病人建立初步的关系。 请大家注意该护士是用什么方式与病人沟通的、她如何自我介绍,如何为病人提供服务的。她对病人说:
  "Morning, welcome to our ward. I'm Nurse Ordó?ez - can I help you?"
  “早上好,欢迎来到我们的病房。我是您的护士Ordó?ez -我能帮您什么吗?”
  "I've come for my operation."

  【Dialogue 对话】
  Nurse: Morning, Welcome to our ward. I'm Nurse Ordó? ez - can I help you?
  Mrs. Watson: Yes, please. I'm Mrs. Watson, and this is my son Vickywho drove me here. I've come for my operation
  Nurse: Oh, yes, I'll take your appointment letter. Thank you.
  It's a lovely place. Is it new?
  Nurse: Yes, it is. We're very proud of it, was inaugurated by Her Rotal Highness last December. Now, if you'd like to take seat, and help me with a few details.
  Mrs. Watson: Yes, of course, what do you want to know?

  【Vocabulary 词汇】
  nurse 护士
  ward 病房
  appointment 约会
  operation 手术
  drive 开车(drive sb. swh. 开车送某人到什么地方)
  lovely 可爱的
  place 地方
  proud 骄傲的
  inaugurated 任命;任职
  detail(s) 细节,详细情况