Laughter not only makes you feel good, but it helps boost yourimmune system too.

Scientists found that laughter decreases serum cortisol levels (stress chemicals), increases T lymphocytes (white blood cellsthat play a key role in immunity), and increases the number ofnatural killer cells.

These results suggest that laughter stimulates the immune system and ultimately makes youhealthier.

Researchers at Oxford University found that laughter can act as an effective pain reliever. Laughterreleases the feel-good chemical endorphin and it acted like pain relief to the participants.

A study by Loma Linda University found that a good belly laugh positively affected two hormonesthat regulate appetite, leptin and ghrelin, meaning it could also help decrease appetite.

A study by a Canadian University found that laughter makes you more attractive to the oppositesex. The study found that smiley people seem more approachable, plus when you laugh, yourblood supply increases, causing a rosy glow to the skin, making it appear more youthful andappealing to look at.