Going down the pub could seriously affect men's health—but in a positive way, a study said. A Leeds University researcher said that the local watering hole's welcoming atmosphere helps men to get rid of the stresses of modern life and is vital for their psychological well-being. Dr. Colin Gill said rather than complain, women should encourage men to pop out for a swift half(=halfpint 半品脱)。“Pub-time allows men to bond with friends and colleagues,”he said.“Men need break-out time as much as women and are mentally healthier for it.”Gill added that men might feel unfulfilled or empty if they had not been to the pub for a week. Gill's report surveyed 900 men on their reasons for going to the pub. More than 40 percent said they went for the conversation, with relaxation and a friendly atmosphere being the other most common reasons. Only one in 10 listed alcohol as the overriding reason. 【外语教育&网www.for68.com
  研究表明,上酒吧会严重影响男性健康——不过是以积极的方式。利兹大学的一位学者宣称本地酒吧里的温馨气氛能帮助男人们摆脱现代生活的压力,对他们的心理健康起着不可或缺的作用。科林·基尔博士说,妇女不但不应该抱怨,反而应当鼓励男人们出去短时间地喝上一两杯。“酒吧消遣是男人与朋友和同事联系的纽带,”他说。“男人和女人一样需要放松时间,这样他们的心理会更健康。”基尔补充说,男人如果连续一周不上酒吧就会觉得空虚和失落。基尔的报告中统计了 900名男子去酒吧的理由。超过40%的人说是为了聊天,说是为了寻求放松和享受酒吧的友好气氛的也占了相当比例。只有1/10的人说去酒吧主要是为了喝酒。