There is much enjoyment tobe gained by strolling along the seashore. Many people who live far away fromthe sea envy those who live near it. They sometimes form excursion parties andgo there to spend their Sundays.
   To gaze upon a calm sea and watch the ships as they movesteadily and quietly through the water is very pleasant. But on a summer day,when the air is warm and the sky is blue, it is more pleasant to walk on theshore and collect pretty pebbles, shells, and seaweed. However, the mostwonderful scene of the sea is witnessed during a storm, when the waves rise andfall with much grandeur. At times they look like huge mountains with valleysbetween; and when they dash against the shore with a hiss and roar, they breakinto spray.
   Walking along the seashore is more than being a pleasure.The sea breezes are highly beneficial, so, a walk along the seashore isrecommendable to those who are so fortunate as to live at places where theseashore is within their easy reach.