Most Chinese students tendto be silent and reluctant to answer questions in class, let alone to raise anyquestion. It is in fact a very bad custom for a student. We should be active inclass.
   First of all, students should show initiative. During aclass, only listening to the teacher and taking notes are not enough. We mustuse our heads and think along with the teacher. By answering questions, we cantest our knowledge. By raising questions to the teacher, we may learn more. Inaddition, being active in class will strengthen our confidence. If one is tootimid to answer a question in class, how can he get enough courage to take anychallenge in society in the future?
   No opportunity waits for men, but men can graspopportunity. The same is true of the studies in class. We will find moreopportunities in class if we are active enough, and we will certainly learnmore than those passive ones.