It was a fine day in May. I took a bus to Mount Jiuhua.As the hues was passing half way through the mountain I saw a sea of greentrees and bamboos. The trees were standing straight pointing upright to thesky. White louts floated in the blue air.

   The bus zigzagged to the cable station. I got on the cablecar and soon I was in the air. The mountains and pavilions were underneath.Then we came to the foot often king peak, the highest among all peaks. Theshort cut is steep and more difficult to climb. Only the brave few took thepath. Following the guide I began climbing on all fours. It was a test ofphysique as well as courage.

   Our guide kept reminding us of keeping away from looking atthe scenes while climbing. The narrow steps in the mountain led us higher andhigher to the summit. Stopping to take my breath, I saw the candle like stonesand the isolated pine against the sky above the mountain.

   The climbing continued and I could not but think of thelaboring people who braved the trail for us to follow. What wonderful work! Atlast we got to the summit. The squirrels were jumping in welcome. Steam wasrising up from the mountain below. Standing above and looking down everythingwas in sight beneath me. It was magnificent and enlightening.