Take the time to identify the companies you want to work for before you sit down to write your resume. 'You have to know where you are headed,' says Robert Saam, a senior vice president at Woodcliff Lake, N.J.-based outplacement firm Lee Hecht Harrison. 'This informs how to do your resume.' For example, knowing a company you are applying to is in the midst of making acquisitions can help you structure your resume to highlight relevant work experience, he says。
  列出愿望清单。在写简历前先花点时间确定你想加入的公司。新泽西州职业介绍公司Lee Hecht Harrison的高级副总裁萨阿姆(Robert Saam)说,你必须知道你想进入什么样的公司。这可以让你知道如何准备简历。他举例说,如果了解到你求职的公司正在进行收购,这将有助于你在简历中强调相关的工作经历。
  2.Use keywords。