I live in a small village until I was 7, then I moved to a city where is so far away from my home. After ten years later, I came back to the village, I found it changed so much that I hardly recognized. The change of the village reflects the development of the economy, people enhance life level.
The change of the village includes many sides. First, there are more cars. Before, people like to walk and the car is too expensive for them to buy, but now, as the development of the life standard, almost everyone has a car. They keep pace with the time. Second, the building is modern and people build new homes. When I was in the village, people there live in the small house and the material is not that modern. The big house means people have more income to live a comfortable life. All the changes are good for people.
But the other change shocks me—the environment. When I lived here, the river is clean, the water is so pure that I could see my feet under the water. There are fishes and shrimps, but now, the water is polluted, the color has been changed, fish and shrimp are no more being seen.
The change of the village means people’s life standard has been increased, the development of economy is at the cost of the environment, we need to protect our environment.