I always admire the distinguished person who invented bicycle, for it brings us outstanding benefit. We can say,

the invention can be regarded as an immortal masterpiece.
I started to learn how to ride a bicycle when I was very young. From that moment, I realized that a bicycle would be my lifetime companion.
The most important advantage of riding a bike is that it can help you to enhance the health. When you ride you use your physical energy all the way, and it's known by public that the exercise is rather aerobic, especially in an area where the air full of oxygen. Meanwhile, your heart will be more powerful to pump blood throughout your body and in this case, your heart, lungs and other significant organs could be fortified greatly.

According to some relative studies, cycling still has benefits , as follows:

First, it can improve Your Recovery so that you will sleep better. According to some studies riding a bike does wonders for your health. A morning practice of cycling may tire you a bit but it will help you sleep like a baby at night. Cycling is now considered one of the top cures for insomnia. A 30 minute a day session will help you get that much needed refreshing good night sleep. According to scientists, you will sleep longer and deeper no matter what problems you have to deal with the next day. You will be energetic and fresh every morning and have a different take on life.

Also, cycling will make yourself look younger, why? because it will improve your skin status and make you look younger by delaying the aging process. Dermatologists say that by increasing blood circulation through daily cycling sessions you provide your skin cells with more nutrients and oxygen. You also eliminate the toxins from your body. Your body increases wrinkles will not be a problem for you. For myself, I have never known if wrinkles come to my skin, aha.

Its next advantage is to process food faster and boost your metabolism, you will find that cycling will decrease the time necessary for food to travel through your large intestine. Riding a bike is also pretty physically demanding so all the cardio will help you with help strengthen your intestinal muscles. You will never feel bloated and you will lower the chances of getting bowel cancer.

Beside, many tests have shown that people that use a bike every day have great results on mental system. Cycling helps build brain cells thus increasing your memorizing capability. And it's said cycling helps with avoiding alzheimer.

it can also increase your immunity. Having a constant exercise routine is the best way to keep illness away and overcome it. Immune cells become more active and the chances of getting sick drop by at least 50%. You will even live longer. Cells are regenerating and your immune system is in top shape so you will stay healthy for a long time.

No doubt, it's helpful for our heart. An active cyclist is known to have a 50% less chance of having heart disease, which is one of the top reasons for deaths all across the world.

If you want to keep your weight within the right limits or lose that extra fat, cycling is one of the most ideal activities.

Besides, cycling has a function bringing a good mood, making us more cheerful and excited. In this condition, evern if some serious diseases such as cancer, still can be prevented and, even cured. As we can see, the benefit for our health is so obvious.

Here's a remarkable example: There's an old man who's maned "Wangyousheng". He got a kind of cancers many years ago. After an operation, the doctors made a conclusion that he would live for no more than one year. Since then, he undertook cycling and it's incredible, until today, more than a decade passed, he still appears as a healthy cyclist, hasing visited numerous places including Viet Nam. And he has published a book expounding his unusual experience. A miracle, isn't it?

Here's another function of cycling. When we ride bikes in the way, our spiritual status will be improved, no more depression, no more dejection, your mood would be always delightful. Thus you feel younger not only physically but also mentally, you'll become vigorous and energetic, full of vitality. In this case, we are capable to say, we'll be always young, for ever!

I started being a cyclist (for relatively long distance, I mean.) about 30 years ago. Since then, I seldom go to hospitals. But I went to a hospital one or two months ago --- not having caught any sickness, taking a physical examination. The conclusion showed that my health was all right. As soon as I left there meeting acquaintances, I made a boast: Well, the doctor has said, in the days to come, I should smoke 4 packets of cigarettes per day, 2 packets are too less...

Also, riding bicycles can effectivelly prevent air pollution, thereby protect the environment. Nowdays, more and more automobiles appear and majority of people used to drive cars around, even if for short distances. A lot of waste gas exhaled, fresh air to be spoiled, and our lungs soon become victims... Cycling, only cycling, this phenomenon could be eliminated.

Concerning for the aspect of consuming, to cycle more and drive less, people can decrease gasoline consumption this way. You know the price of petrol is not low nowadays, then why should we cost more for covering distances?

For improving the quality of our lives, for environmental protection, for our more glorious future, LET'S CYCLE!

So much for the post, thank you!