Frankly speaking, selfishness is not a strange thing to all of us. It's human nature to be selfish. A selfish person puts his own interests first. However, selfish persons are not welcomed by society. Selfish mess wife do great harm to both our society and ourselves.
   Where does selfishness come from? There is no trouble answering it. The source of selfishness is the pursuit of one's own interests, such as money and fame. In order to satisfy themselves, selfish persons can do everything regardless of other's interests. He also thinks it right that nothing ventured, nothing gained. As a result, many selfish people end up in prison.
   There is no point living only for oneself. On earth, we live in so piety which needs warm hearted people who help each other, therefore no one can say he doesn't awed other's help. Who can live completely alone? Let's devote our love to each other and be considerate towards each other, then the world will become a beautiful place. Selfishness should be done away with.