In our country, the word "unemployment" was seldom heard severalyears ago. But now, more and more people around us have lost their jobs. Manyyoung people, including lots of college graduates, are fired or have to stay athome. Obviously, unemployment is becoming a serious social problem.
   What on earth is the reason for such a situation? Onone hand, it is because of the economic condition. Recently, our countryhas undergone great economic reforms. In order to improve the efficiency, manystate-owned enterprises have to fire a large number of their employees. On theother hand, with the rapid development of science and technology, mechanicalautomaton is more and more widely used in the modem production. But thepopulation of our country, keeps increasing at the same time. Many people wantjobs while factories need fewer workers. Unfortunately, it seems that thecontradiction will last for a long period of time.
   It's quite necessary to solve this problem, because itwill strongly influence the development of our society. From my point of view,we shouldn't only stay at home and wait for a chance. As long as you have astrong will, you are sure to get success.