Hello everyone. Today I'm glad to be here togive a speech about my fresh experience in China Agriculture University.

   First I must say the campus life is really different fromwhat I have experienced in high school. For instance, I used to lean upon mydormitory teacher to wake me up on time. But now I have to set several alarmclocks to make myself could hear them in the morning otherwise I would miss myclass. And then even worse there would be nobody remind me

   except my teacher! So the differences are everywhere and Icould easily find them. The change of life is great and it's wonderful: I havemore time of my own and the rights to decide how I live.

   My campus activities are rich and colorful. Learning Englishhas become a habit to me cause I plan to study abroad in next few years.Playing Guzheng is my favorite activity. I have kept on practicing it since Iwas a little girl and I wish to win more competitions in my campus life.

   Our university has the first level equipments and the mostdsj066.com experienced teachers, also has the best students (laugh).I consider it to be ahonor that I've got a chance to study here and I sincerely hope that we couldlive wonderful lives in our campus!