The results of the college entrance examination came. I toreopen the envelope. As soon as I saw the score, tears streamed down my face. Ifell into my bed and did not get up the whole day. All was over. What is themeaning to live on earth? For the first time I thought of death, of being avagrant and of being single all my life. I was only seventeen. Wasn't it cruelto me? My father was hurt and he could not stand it, that his son was adisgrace. He was angry beyond words. My mother kept silent, and often I saw herin tears. Horror filled the house.

   Encouraged by my prams I took the exam again. Again Ifailed. It seemed that my fate would go against my will. Hearing the news, mymother lost ten pounds in just a few days. I remember even now the sad looks inher eyes. My father locked all my books irrelevant to the exam. I was brokendown. I was left with no choice but to fight my way out.

   I can never forget the day when I left for my study area. OnSeptember 2nd, 1986 I bid farewell to my mother and stepped on my way. Myfather sent me by ear. I sank down in the back seat, weak and discouraged, likea prisoner going on exile.

   In the following year, I exerted myself in study trying hardto keep myself in control. I worked and worked. At last, success showed me herlate coming smiling face. I entered Anhui University. Friends andrelatives poured in for congratulations. I received lots of gifts, among themthere were pens.

   Maybe those who have experienced bitter failure know deeplythe sweet taste of success.