Failure is the mother of success. Sometimespeople have to cope with many mistakes and failures in order to reach thesuccessful finals. While others might succumb to failure, they tend to retreatand give in their efforts. Success often provides confidence and satisfaction,nevertheless failure companies with bitter, sadness, and suffering. It seemspeople have to learn through each experience, as success doesn‘t always fallsfrom heaven.

   I remembered I used to fail on my vocabury test when I wasin high school. I had problem to memorize new words which got loose each day. Ialmost decided to give up English, but was obliged to one of myneighbors classmates who kept on sending small sheet for me. In the end of thesemester, I found I had finished my vocabulary book which became a work forcein reading English. I then realized that a new word came and left our brainsfor several times. Nobody is born as genius for success. Success tends toarrive after a serial of trials and failures.

   Of course, success brings confidence and victory. But, lifeis not always easy and comfortable. There are more difficulties than eases inthe real life. It is likely that we have to face some failures ahead.Therefore, those who learn how to deal and endure failures will taste theirsuccess eventually.