Most children used to start attending school at their six or sevenyears old while nowadays more and more children in cities start attendingschool from a young age. Concerning this phenomenon, some people hold that itis good for children’s development to attend school in an earlier age whileothers entertain opposite opposition. From my point of view, I am inclined tosupport the former one. The reasons are as following.
First, to attend school from a young age provides a betterenvironment for children to grow up healthier, especially those children in baosj6.comcities. With the need of work, many parents in cities cannot spend a lot oftime with their children and that will influence children developing healthy.In contrary, if children have a chance to attend school at their earlier age,they will get more chance to play with their fellows, which is good for them tohave an unforgettable childhood.
Second, it is helpful for children to independent from theirparents. If children attend school from a young age, they will be taught todeal with their own things at an earlier age and learn to be independent.

Finally, to attend school from young age, children have morechance to meet with different people and encounter various situations,which has a contribution to their adaptation to society and their practice ofstrain capacity.
Therefore, I advocate that children should attend school from ayoung age. However, parents also need to spend more time with their children atthe same time so that they can have more chance to communicate with each other.