In recent years, many dating shows appear in television, such as“If you are the one” “We aredating” . As the increasing of the audiences rating, these programs haveattacked huge attention. Some guests in the shows put forward stand-out points,the bold remarks widely circulated and focused people’s attention on theInternet, even though the controversial topics make enough ratings for theprograms but it also bring countless criticism. Therefore, somepeople think the programs should be banned from designing promote negativevalues among urban Chinese youth. Others think this kind of program solve somepeople's marriage, bring joy to people. In my opinion, I think NBB shouldrelease a series of rules for the Dating shows.
Hit shows attract millions of viewers, but the value for supremacyworship of money, hedonism would mislead young people who haven’t ownedcorrectly judged ability, and it will be harmful to the moral fabric ofsociety. But for a small part of high-profile young women, love means figure. Apotential suitor may have a sense of humor or good looks, but thereal point is that he must have an apartment, as well as how big the flat is,besides, considerable deposit is necessary, In the dating shows “if youare the one”, a girl named Manuo, arrogantly refused a male’s request of takingher out by bicycle, and said "I'd rather cry in a BMW than smile in yourbike.”
Although there are some dissenting voices, but the high ratingsalso reflect the shows’ popularity. It plays a positive role for the problem ofolder young men and women’s marriage .Elders are very supported it. There is a newylc11.comsaying goes, “A three unfilial ,without issue.” it’s not easy for Parents tobring children up, but when it comes time to get marriage ,children don’t haveobjects, parents would be very worried.