As roads in California are covered with floods from El Nino, one luxury car driver decided to take the waters head on when he nearly drowned his Lamborghini this week.
A video uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday shows the Lamborghini - estimated to be valued around $200,000 - attempt to drive through a flooded road in San Diego.
The low-slung vehicle hesitantly approaches the large puddle, seeing other vehicles struggling through it.
But then the driver decides to go for it and drives through the puddle, which results in the luxury car nearly being fully submerged in water, as water covers the hood and moves up on to the windshield.
The car pushes through, accelerating periodically, and makes its way through the deep water.
Suddenly, it appears on the other side, pulls on to drier land and drives onward in the treacherous conditions.
The flooding, caused by this year’s strong El Nino, has wreaked havoc around the California, closed several major highways and prompted evacuations.
The video uploaded to Facebook soon went viral and has more than 1,103,000 views. After Tuesday and Wednesday’s flooding, El Nino-driven storm lashed coastal areas of California on Thursday, stirring waves that flooded some low-lying streets.
The storm created waves that forecasters said could reach 16 feet while sending scattered thundershowers across inland areas.
It came a day after the week’s strongest storm drenched the state and much of the Southwest, stopping cable cars in San Francisco, flooding roadways and stranding motorists across Los Angeles, and dumping heavy snow in northern Arizona.
Indeed, most of California saw sunny skies again Thursday after days of powerful El Nino-driven storms drenched the region.