Ghosts and goblins have made way for reindeers and elves, and spooky soundtracks have been replaced with sleigh bells ringing.
Hibernation doesn't mean being anti social. Here are 5 hibernation hacks designed to help you enter 2016 with grace, ease, and power!
1. Meditate: Take 5-10 minutes to strengthen the brain by focusing on the breath. Remember the key is consistency. This will leave you feeling clear and in control.
2. Journal: Start each journal entry by completing this sentence,"2016 the year I _______!" Often times we stifle our deepest desires and goal because we're afraid. Unleashing these will leave you feeling powerful.
3. Share who you will be in 2016: We are a "DOING" society, and define ourselves by what we do. Write this down by using the sentence "In 2016 I will be _____". Our actions then have to match that way of being and naturally what you DO will also shift.
4. Commit to your health (seriously): Increase your fruit/vegetable intake, drink more water, and get back into the gym. When we nourish ourselves and move, leaving us feeling better.
5. Say "No": There's a lot going on this month and you will get invitations for dinners, parties, and events that you may have no interest in attending. You simply say "I appreciate the invitation but I'd rather not go."
Try it out for yourself, hibernate for a week and see how it goes.