Which is the most violent country to live in?

《经济与和平研究所》在本周发表的2015年的全球和平指数显示去年因战争造成的经济损失达到了14.3万亿,相当于全球国民生产总值的13.4%。 BBC全球事务记者 Mike Wooldridge 发回以下报道:
The index, launched in 2007, seeks to measure what it calls global peacefulness, ranking 162 nations by such measures as the levels of violence and crime within the country, their militaryexpenditure and involvement in wars.
Iceland tops the list for peacefulness and many OECD countries have now reached historicallyhigh levels of peace, according to the Index. Syria is judged the least peaceful country and the index says the number of people killed in conflicts globally was 180,000 last year, up from 49,000 in 2010.
It concludes that there is now an increasing division between the most and least peaceful nations, and it argues that reducing conflict is crucial to continued world economic recovery.
  • measures(名词)测量方式
  • expenditure支出,开支
  • historically历史上的
  • division分界 ,分割
  • crucial至关重要的
  • recovery复苏