Xia Dynasty夏朝

1.The dynasties of Xia, Shang and Western Zhou are also called" Three Dynasties". It is generally believed that they were slave society.
2.The Xia dynasty was the earliest slave society in the Chinese history,which was founded around the 21st century B. C. and replaced by the Shang Dynasty in the 16th century B. C.
3.Yu and his son Qi established the first dynasty in Chinese history the Xia.
4.The center of Xia was the western section of modem Henan Province and the southern section of modem Shanxi Province with a sphere of influence that reached the northern and southern areas of the Yellow River. It was in this period that the slave society began to appear.
5.The Xia Dynasty was overthrown切Shang. The Western Zhou (1046-771 B. C.)Dynasty saw further development of slave society.
6.It lasted nearly 500 years from the 21st to the 17th century BC, ruled by 17 consecutive kings.
7.Under occurred several times at the beginning. For most part of the remaining period,the dynasty enjoyed peace.
8.It began its decline in the hands of the 14th king, Kongjia, who, instead of concentrating on state affairs, indulged in bizarre and strange habits. It is said that he even called up a dragon. The vassals began to rebel during this period.
9.The last king of Xia,Jie,was a ruthless ruler.
10.He vainly believed that his reign would last as long as the sun would shine.
11.The finds at two sites of the Xia dynasty in western Henan since the 1950s proved the validity of Sima Qian's records of this dynasty preceding the Shang