enquiry n. 询盘,询购
  offer n.v. 报价,报盘
  order n.v. 订购,订单
  complicate v. 使复杂化
  to ask for 请求 ;要价
  to be liable to 易于---的
  to put aside 放在一边
  facsimile (fax) n.v. 传真,发传真
  on the web 在互连网上
  E-commerce 电子商务
  pompous a. 浮夸的
  beg to acknowledge receipt of 承认受到
  inst. (=this month)本月
  clear one's account 结帐
  as a result 所以
  trace v. 跟踪,查询
  in connection with 与————有关
  indebtedness n.负债
  balance n. 收付差额,余额
  illustrated catalog 附有插图的目录
  if possible 如有可能
  time of delivery 交货期
  delivery n.交货
  firm n.公司,商号
  standing n. 信誉
  reliability n.可靠
  approach vt.与----联系
  enter into business relations with 与----建立业务关系
  catalog n.(商品目录)
  pamphlet n.小册子
  for your reference 供你参考
  in the meantime 与此同时
  transaction n.交易
  embassy n.大使馆
  hand-made a.手工制作
  hide n.皮革
  steady a.稳定的
  fashionable a.流行的,时髦的
  detail(s) n.详情
  terms of payment支付
  a range of --- 一系列
  elegance n.优美,雅致
  couple together使联结,使成对
  superb a.极好的,一流的
  workmanship n.工艺
  appeal(to) v.吸引
  discriminating a.有识别力的,敏锐的
  representative n.代表,代理
  authorize v.授权
  negotiate v.洽谈
  in reply 兹答复
  inform v.
  be connected with 与--有联系
  appreciate v.感激,感谢
  rush v.赶紧(做),抓紧(做)
  place an order with --- 向--订购
  C&F( cost & freight)成本加运费价
  T/T(telegraphic transfer)电汇
  D/P(document.nbspagainst payment)付款交单
  D/A (document.nbspagainst acceptance)承兑交单
  C.O (certificate of origin)一般原
  G.S.P.(generalized system of preferences)普惠制
  G.W.(gross weight)毛重
  N.W.(net weight)净重
  C/D (customs declaration)
  W (with)具有
  MAX (maximum)最大的、最大限度的
  MIN (minimum)最小的,最低限度
  M 或MED (medium)中等,中级的
  M/V(merchant vessel)商船
  MT或M/T(metric ton)公吨
  DOC (document.文件、单据
  P/L (packing list)
  INV (invoice)
  PCT (percent)百分比
  REF (reference)参考、查价
  EMS (express mail special)特快传递
  S/M (shipping marks)装船标记
  PR或PRC(price) 价格
  PUR (purchase)购买、购货
  S/C(sales contract)销售确认书
  L/C (letter of credit)
  B/L (bill of lading)提单
FOB (free on board)离岸价
CIF (cost, insurance &freight)成本、保险加运费价分析证书 certificate of analysis
  一致性证书 cettificate of conformity
  质量证书 certificate of quality
  测试报告 test report
  产品性能报告 product performance report
  产品规格型号报告 product specification report
  工艺数据报告 process data report
  首样测试报告 first sample test report
  价格/销售目录 price /sales catalogue
  参与方信息 party information
  农产品加工厂证书 mill certificate
  家产品加工厂证书 post receipt
  邮政收据 post receipt
  重量证书 weight certificate
  重量单 weight list
  证书 cerificate
  价值与原产地综合证书 combined certificate of value adn origin
  移动声明A.TR.1 movement certificate A.TR.1
  数量证书 certificate of quantity
  质量数据报文 quality data message
  查询 query
  查询回复 response to query
  订购单 purchase order
  制造说明 manufacturing instructions
  领料单 stores requisition
  产品售价单 invoicing data sheet
  包装说明 packing instruction
  内部运输单 internal transport order
  统计及其他管理用内部单证 statistical and oter administrative internal docu-ments
  直接支付估价申请 direct payment valuation request
  直接支付估价单 direct payment valuation
  临时支付估价单 rpovisional payment valuation
  支付估价单 payment valuation
  数量估价单 quantity valuation request
  数量估价申请 quantity valuation request
  合同数量单 contract bill of quantities-BOQ
投标数量单 unpriced tender BOQ
投标数量单 priced tender BOQ
  询价单 enquiry
  临时支付申请 interim application for payment
  支付协议 agreement to pay
  意向书 letter of intent
  订单 order
  总订单 blanket order
  现货订单 sport order
租赁单 lease order
  紧急订单 rush order
  修理单 repair order
  分订单 call off order
寄售单 consignment order
  样品订单 sample order
  换货单 swap order
  订购单变更请求 purchase order change request
  订购单回复 purchase order response
  租用单 hire order
  备件订单 spare parts order
  交货说明 delivery instructions
  交货计划表 delivery schedule
  按时交货 delivery just-in-time
通知 delivery release
  交货通知 delivery note
装箱单 packing list
  发盘/报价 offer/quotation
  报价申请 request for quote
  合同 contract
  订单确认 acknowledgement of order
发票 proforma invoice
  部分发票 partial invoice
  操作说明 operating instructions
  铭牌 name/product plate
  交货说明请求 request for delivery instructions
  订舱申请 booking request
  装运说明 shipping instructions
托运人说明书(空运) shipper's letter of instructions(air)
  短途货运单 cartage order(local transport)
  待运通知 ready for despatch advice
  发运单 despatch order
  发运通知 despatch advice
  单证分发通知 advice of distrbution of document.
  商业发票 commercial invoice
  贷记单 credit note
  佣金单 commission note
  借记单 debit note
  更正发票 corrected invoice
  合并发票 consolidated invoice
  预付发票 prepayment invoice
  租用发票 hire invoice
  税务发票 tax invoice
  自用发票 self-billed invoice
  保兑发票 delcredere invoice
  代理发票 factored invoice
租赁发票 lease invoice
寄售发票 consignment invoice
  代理贷记单 factored credit note
  银行转帐指示 instructions for bank transfer
汇票申请书 application for banker's draft
托收支付通知书 collection payment advice
信用证支付通知书 document.ry credit payment advice