To some extent/degree,......
     句型“To some extent/degree,......”中“To some extent/degree”是的程度短语,从而使整个句子表示程度意义。

.To some extent, you can scold him for his laziness
.To some extent, your team members have dropped back the others.
.To some extent, your fault had caused a serious consequence.

—To what extent is Tom willing to help me?
—According to his ability.
—To a large extent, Mary has left to America
—She has no patience to wait
—To a certain extent, maybe your answer is right.
—You should give a certain answer.

     类似的介词短语有:to a certain extent在一定程度上,to a large extent在很大程度上,to such an extent竟然到……地步。to what extent用于疑问句中表示在多大程度上。