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  Mike: Can I borrow $5?
  Tony: ___1___ Why do you need it?
  Mike: I want to buy lunch.
  Tony: Where's your money?
  Mike: ___2___
  Tony: Your wallet is empty?
  Mike: I don't have even one dollar in it.
  Tony: ___3___
  Mike: Even if it's only for a short while.
  Tony: It's always good to have friends.
  Mike: Friends will lend you money when you're broke.
  Tony: ___4___
  A. Being broke is no fun.
  B. A friend in need is a friend
  C. It's not in my wallet.
  D. Sure.
  Mary: I like living here.
  Jenny: ___5___ Pasadena is a nice city.
  Mary: It's not too big.
  Jenny: And it's not too small.
  Mary: It has great weather all year long.
  Jenny: It has the Rose Parade.
  Mary: It has beautiful houses, great schools and ___6___
  Jenny: It's close to the mountains.
  Mary: ___7___
  Jenny: I'm not ever going to leave.
  A.People enjoy the Parade.
  B.No place is better than
  C. I agree
  D. wonderful reataurants.
  Jony: Do you have a car?
  Bill: Yes,I do. ___8___
  Jony: Is it new?
  Bill: It was new in 2008.
  John: So, it's pretty old now.
  Bill: Yes,it is. ___9___
  Jony: Do you take good care of it?
  Bill: Oh,yes. ___10___ And my mechanic changes the oil twice a year.
  A. But it still looks good.
  B. What kind of car do you have?
  C.I have a Honda.
  D.I Wash it once a week.
  Passage One   
  The new year brought new desks for students at Vallecito ElementarySchool, in San Rafael, California. The last three of the school's 22 classroomsswitched from seated desks to standing desks. “It's now the first all-standingschool,” Juliet Starrett told TFK. She started the group StandUp Kids. Her goalis to have every U.S. public school kid using a standing desk within the next10 years.
  Starrett's daughters—Georgia, 10, and Caroline, 7—attend Vallecito.They are thrilled with their desks. “You feel happier, you're less tired, andyou're more active,” Georgia says.
  Some of the desks have wheels and fidget bars. The bars let kidsmove in a way that doesn't disturb the class. Wheels allow the desks to bemoved easily. The desks also adjust to different heights. Kids take breaks bysitting on the floor or on stools.
  There is the trend of designing things to make them easy and safe touse. According to Mark Benden, director of the Texas A&M Center, standingworkers are more focused and healthier. He says his research shows that kidsusing standing desks are more engaged and burn more calories (卡路里). InDecember, researchers in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdomreleased similar findings. But not everyone is convinced standing is betterthan sitting. Some parents and teachers worry that kids will get tired and thatstanding for long periods of time may be harmful. And standing desks are moreexpensive.
  Benden says both sitting and standing desks can cause problems ifthey are not the proper height. “Our message should not be ‘Sit less, standmore,'” he says, “but ‘Sit less, move more.'”
  11. How many classrooms in Vallecito areequipped with standing desks?
  A. 3
  B. 25
  C. 19
  D. 22
  12. What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?
  A. Why standing desks are used.
  B. Where standing desks are used.
  C. How standing desks are used.
  D. Who use standing desks.
  13. Mark Benden's research shows that kidsusing standing desks .
  A. feel more tired
  B. are more focused
  C. get better scores
  D. tend to eat more
  14. The researchers in Australia and the UK(para. 4) .
  A. would agree with Benden
  B. are not fully convinced by Benden
  C. partly support Benden's findings
  D. find it hard to accept Benden's theory
  15. Some parents and teachers worry that usingstanding desks may .
  A. disturb the kids in class
  B. leave the classroom noisy
  C. harm the students' health
  D. increase the teachers' workload
  Passage Two  
  Japan and Germany have the world's oldest populations, but neithercountry has enough trained health care workers to meet the needs of older adults.So, they are turning to Vietnam for help. This month, 100 young Vietnamese aregoing to Germany as part of a project to train what are called geriatric (老年的) nursesto work in the European country. The trainees recently completed a six-monthlanguage and culture class, they will spend the next two years in anoccupational training program. If the trainees pass the final exam, they willbe able to work in Germany as geriatric nurses for another 3 years.
  Germany is facing a crisis as low birth rates combine with a growingpopulation of citizens who are living longer. About 20 percent of thepopulation is over the age of 65, and that percentage is expected to continuerising.
  This is a problem Japan also faces. Later this year, 150 Vietnamesecandidates will go to Japan for two years of training at the country'shospitals, after that they are expected to take the national nursing exam. Japanalready trains nurses from the Philippines and Indonesia, but the health caresystem has been criticized for being too harsh. All candidates must take thesame exam, but it is very difficult for foreign applicants because few canspeak the Japanese language.
  Even with an aging population, many Japanese are opposed toforeigners working in some industries. Critics say foreign labor could lead tohigher unemployment, but there is little opposition to foreign nurses.
  In Vietnam, the situation is very different. 60 percent of thepopulation was born after the Vietnam war ended in 1985. There are not enoughjobs for everyone who wants one in Vietnam, but learning the nursing skills canhelp them find jobs overseas.
  16. The overseas Vietnamese nurses mustcomplete the following EXCEPT.
  A. a culture course
  B. a health care exam
  C. a language training
  D. a driving test
  17. A Vietnamese youngster will spend atleast in Germany before working there as a geriatricnurse.
  A. six months
  B. one and a half years
  C. two and a half years
  D. five years
  18. It is inferred from the passage that inJapan.
  A. the health care system is much more strict than that in Germany
  B. the majority of nurses are from Vietnam,Indonesia and the Philippines
  C. the Vietnamese who pass the national exams will be trained at hospitals
  D. foreigners find it hard to pass nursing exams because few can speak Japanese
  19. Faced with the aging population, manyJapanese .
  A. welcome foreign nurses working in Japan
  B. oppose foreign labor working in most places
  C. criticize the government for being tooharsh
  D. blame the government for highunemployment
  20. The last paragraph indicates that .
  A. the Vietnamese also face the agingproblem
  B. over half of the Vietnamese are underthe age of 45
  C. sixty percent people cannot find jobs inVietnam
  D. more and more Vietnamese have found jobs abroad
  Passage Three
  Born around 1770 in Tennessee, Sequoyah was a Cherokee. Like otherNative Americans of that time, he could neither read nor write. He couldn'thelp noticing, though, how white people wrote to one another on sheets ofpaper. They often used these “talking leaves,” as some Native Americans calledthem, to communicate.
  Back then, the Cherokee had no way to write down words in their ownlanguage. Sequoyah believed it was important for the Cherokee to have a systemof writing. So, in 1809, he set out to create an alphabet that the Cherokeecould use to do just that.
  Sequoyah started by drawing pictures, with each one representing adifferent word or idea. He soon realized that writing sentences using pictureswould be much too difficult. There were too many words. No one would ever beable to remember that many pictures.
  Sequoyah decided to try a different approach. He began to developsymbols to stand for the sounds, or syllables (音节), that made upwords. Twelve years later, he completed a system of writing with 86 differentsymbols. Each one stood for a different syllable in the Cherokee language. Thesymbols could easily be put together to form words. Soon thousands of Cherokeewere able to read and write in their own language.
  Sequoyah's work did not end there, however. He helped to establish aprint shop and began publishing a bilingual newspaper in both Cherokee andEnglish. The shop also printed books translated from English into Cherokee. Inlater years, Sequoyah also became a political leader among the Cherokee.
  21. As can be learned from the firstparagraph, a Cherokee was a .
  A. Native Americans
  B. writer
  C. White man
  D. genius
  22. “Talking leaves” in the final paragraphrefers to .
  A. English spellings
  B. pieces of paper with words
  C. English sentences
  D. tree leaves that make sounds
  23. To create an alphabet, Sequoyah beganwith pictures that stand for .
  A. sounds
  B. symbols
  C. words
  D. syllables
  24. Sequoyah's invention was important tothe Cherokee, because .
  A. the Cherokee are now able to read and write
  B. the Cherokee now make a living with thewriting system
  C. one of their parks was named afterSequoyah
  D. the Cherokee are proud of hisachievement
  25. Sequoyah is best remembered for .
  A. being able to read and write
  B. being raised as a Cherokee
  C. drawing pictures to represent words orideas
  D. inventing a written language for the Cherokee
  Passage Four
  Closed Circuit Television, usually abbreviated to CCTV, iseverywhere in today's society. In fact, when we go about our everyday lives itis virtually impossible to avoid it. If you take a bus to school, there will bea camera on it. When you pop out to the supermarket to buy some bread, a camerawill be watching you walk around the shop. If you look up, you'll see camerason many street corners, at bus stops, on trains and even in some publictoilets. We seem to have developed an obsession (迷恋) with them!
  In 2013, an article published in The Guardian (a British newspaper)stated that there was 1 camera for every 11 people in Britain. There are estimatedto be around 6 million CCTV cameras across Britain - now that's a lot ofcameras! Thanks to our apparent love of CCTV, Britain has been nicknamed the"surveillance state".
  CCTV images meantthat the two boys who committed the crime were caught and prosecuted. However,CCTV does not always have all the answers. Sometimes the images aren't clearenough to identify people; often, criminals obscure their faces to avoid beingcaught. Recently, some talking CCTV cameras have been installed in the UK.These react to movement, and warn criminals that their photo has been taken.
  In my opinion, CCTV has gone too far. As a nation, we rely on it fartoo much. At what point did we decide to replace police officers withtechnology? Many people claim to feel safer as a result of CCTV; if more policewere around I'm sure they'd feel just as safe! Many schools across Britain haveinstalled CCTV - in classrooms, toilets and changing rooms. They say it helpsto prevent bullying - but surely something else could be done instead?
  26. According to Paragraph 1, CCTV________
  A. can be easily avoided
  B. is widely used in society
  C. can be bought in supermarket
  D. makes public streets much safer
  27. The word “surveillance” (Para.2)probably means “________”.
  A. monitor
  B. safety
  C. crime
  D. public
  28. Why does the author mention the JamesBulger case?
  A. It is a well-known case in the UK.
  B. It proves the importance of CCTV.
  C. It is a lesson for the British police.
  D. It warns of the danger from boycriminals.
  29. According to the passage, the talkingCCTV cameras__________.
  A. do not have clear images
  B. help find hidden criminals
  C. can identify dim faces
  D. give warnings to criminals
  30. What is the author's attitude towardsCCTV?
  A. Positive
  B. Negative
  C. Objective
  D. Unclear
  Nothing gets people moving faster than theword “fire”.When someone yells “Fire!”, most people dash for (冲向) the__51__.Their only thought is to get out of the building fast.Firefighters,__52__, race just as quickly toward the fire.They want to put outthe fire as fast as possible.There are more than one million firefighters in the United Statestoday.They are trained to put out fires.Back in the 1600s,though, there were no trained firefighters.Putting out fireswas __53__ job.Cities and towns had no indoor plumbing, running water, or firehydrants (消防栓), so water from a pond, river, or well had to be carried to thefire spot in buckets.When a fire __54__, everyone ran to help.They formeda bucket brigade.Men formed one __55__, leading from the water supply and passedbuckets of water to throw on the fire.Women and childrenformed another line, __56__ empty buckets back to be filled.It was avery slow way to put out a fire, and many houses were burnt to the ground__57__ the fire could be put out.Then in 1736, Benjamin Franklin __58__ up with an idea — set up afire department.He convinced a group of people in Philadelphia to __59__ the UnionFire Company.They became the first official volunteer firefighters.Today, threeout of four American firefighters are volunteers.These brave men andwomen do not get paid __60__ their work, but they are in good company.GeorgeWashington, Thomas Jefferson, and Paul Revere were all volunteer firefighters,in their days.
  51.A.windows B.outdoors C.openings D.exits
  52.A.on the otherhand B.by the way C.sooner or later D.as a result
  53.A.another’s B.others’ C.everyone’s D.one’s
  54.A.took out B.broke out C.came out D.got out
  55.A.circle B.team C.line D.group
  56.A.sending B.sent C.to send D.having sent
  57.A.since B.before C.when D.after
  58.A.kept B.caught C.came D.put
  59.A.form B.shape C.make D.develop
  60.A.on B.with C.to D.for
  31.Retail sales volume in local urban and rural areas rose 57.8 percent and 46.8 percent, ____, over February 1995.
  32.Had he receiced six more votes in the last election, he ____ our chairman now.
  A.must be
  B.would have been
  C.shall be
  D.would be
  33.finding out about these universities has become easy for anyone withInteeernet _____,
  34.Blacks and American Indians ____ less than 10% of students in the top 30 business colleges.
  A.make up
  B.take up
  C.reach out
  D.torn out
  35.No one knows for sure ____the word would be like in 50 years
  36.The only thing _____ really matters to me is how soon we can retuen home.
  37.It ____ without saving that consumers would be happier if prices were lower.
  38.After a few months, they became ____ to the new environment.
  39.Speech is the ____ ability possesed only by human beings.
  40.Your grade will bebased in large part on the______ of your ideas.
  41.The new tax wouldforce companies to __________energy-saving measures.
  42._____ all thedifficulties, we managed to finish our task ahead of schedule.
  A.Instead of
  B.In spite of
  C.In case of
  D.In addition to
  43.John_____ almost allof his collections to his friends, but he still had a very few left.
  A.put away
  B.threw away
  C.took away
  D.gave away
  44.I was attending alecture the other day when I received a phone call_________——it offeredme the job I liked.
  B.to expect
  D.to be expected.
  45.Dorothy was alwaysspeaking highly of her role in the play,______ made the others unhappy.
  46.Those who_____Chapter One please go directly to Chapter Four first.
  B.will have finished
  C.have finished
  D.will finish
  47.I woke up with aheadache, and now luckily it _________.
  A.has gone
  B.had gone
  D.would have gone
  48.Nowadays, a largenumber of women, especially those from the countryside, _____for the clothingindustry.
  A.is working
  49.The writer was soabsorbed in her work that she didn’t notice him ____the room.
  B.had entered
  C.to enter
  50.Everybody wastouched ___ words after they heard her moving story
Almost all of us grew up eating meat, going to zoos, and perhaps wearing leathers. Many of us bought our beloved "pets" at pet shops or kept beautiful birds in cages. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved.
People often ask if animals should have rights, and quite simply, the answer is "Yes!" Supporters of animal rights believe that animals have a value completely separate from their usefulness to humans. We believe that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering. Animal rights is not just a philosophy-it is a social movement that challenges society's traditional views that all animals exist solely for human use.
"How to Deal With Different Opinions with Your Parents"
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