draw (reach/come to /arrive at) the conclusion that…

2. It is high time that we place (lay/put) great (special/consideration) emphasis on the improvement (development/increase/promotion) of….

3. There is no easy (immediate/effective) solution (approach/answer/remedy) to the problem of…,but ….might be useful (helpful/beneficial).

4. Following these methods (suggestions) may not guarantee the success in (solution to)…, but the payoff will be worth the effort.

5. For these reasons, I strongly recommend that….

己准备必须多思考,拿了个题目想尽办法去分析,去了解如何写这个题。比如说考试抽到的这个题(这个题比较好写),具体题不记得了,我复述:It should be required that studen