The first real organized effort to uniting Europe came _1_
with the creation of the Council of Europe, wasestablished _2_
in 1949. While not as influential as the EuropeanCommunity in term of public awareness andpromotion of European _3_
political unity, the Council produced, in November 1950, one of the most politically and social important documents _4_
seen this millennium—the European Convention for theProtection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. _5_
On conjunction with the Statute of the Council of Europe, _6_
Convention provides a common set of guaranteed freedoms and rights for every citizen whose government enters into _7_
an agreement to rectify and enforce the specifics articulated in the Convention. However, mere putting pen to paper and producing an official document is far enough to actually _8_
guarantee these freedoms—by outlining the rights and freedoms of citizens, Europe vocalizes its concerns to its people, but to physically pledge
protection of these ideals requires a strict andspecific system of enforcement. Only _9_
by enabling the physical the citizens of Europe be assured about their liberty. _10_
1. uniting-unite
2. 去掉was 或was前加which
3. term-terms
4. social-socially
5. On-In
6. Convention前加the
7. rectify-ratify
8. far+from或far-not
9. physical+can
10. about-of