It 's big , brash, loud and even-changing. It is full of history, _1_
packing with quiet corners, hidden museums, little boutiques and _2_
thoughtful theatre. It is London and it's an enigma. Just when _3_
you look round it's suddenly different. Like all great cities, London never stands still. Approaching the magnificent National Gallery, you no longer avoidLondon's traffic, for the north _4_
side of Trafalgar Square is now pedestrianised — and site of an open-air café and concerts. (And there is little traffic in the city_5_
altogether, since £5 charge has been levied to drive in the centre.) _6_
Renown collector, Charles Saatchi, has moved his unrivalled _7_
Modern art collection to bigger, better premises overlooked _8_
The Thames on the revitalized South Band, joining the Tate Modern Gallery and British Airways London Eye. Colourful, wacky fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes, got it into her head to open a fashion and textile museum — which she's done in once highly unfashionable Bermondsey. These are just a few things that have happened in 2003, so if it has been few years since _9_
you were here, it's time to go back and discover new London. _10_
1. even-changing—ever-changing
2. packing—packed
3. know+it
4. avoid+a
5. little—less
6. since+a
7. Renown—Renowned
8. Overlooked—overlooking
9. few前加a
10. new前加the