United States of America B United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland C New Zealand D Canada

2 The national anthem of Canada is ____ A Canada The Beautiful B O Canada C God DefendCanada D Advance Canada Fair

3 The capital city of Canada is ____

A Montreal B Toronto C Albert D Ottawa

4 According to the Official Language of Act of Canada, there are two official language in this country: they are____

A English and Spanish B English and Portuguese C English and French D English and Celtic

5 Canada is a world ____producer of nickel, zinc, and asbestos……

A primary B second C third D fourth

6 The highest peak in Canada is ____, which is the Yukon Territory of northwest Canada.

A Mount Lawrence B Mount Superior C Mount Logan D Mount Huron

7 St. Lawrence and River Columbia are shared by both ____

A America and Mexico B America and Canada C America and Cuba D America and Brazil

8 Apart from Paris, France, Montreal is regarded as th