. The advantages of ——are much greater than those of ——。 For instance, ——。

  3. However, if not managed properly, —— can create many problems. Sometimes——。 Furthermore, ——。 Therefore, ——has been gaining public.

  4. What is more, the essence of —— is that ——, although we cannot, most of us——。

  5. To make a moral point, I feel that another reason why I prefer—— is that——。

  Part Three: The Model of Concluding Paragraph

  1. As regards me, I tend to pick—— , for——。 What is more, ——。

  2. For me, —— is a glory and it is the most important thing I have take into feasible consideration.

  3. If I were given a choice between——and ——, I would certainly prefer ——。 For me,——。

  4. My point of view in —— largely results from the fact that