L USE: The barren land could produce little food.
  bump/bQmp/: come with a blow or knock
  TYPICAL USE: The room was dark and I bumped my head against the door.
  Synonym: collide
  devise/di vaIz/: think out: plan or contrive
  TYPICAL USE: He devised new method for teaching the blind.
  Synonym: invent
  exert/ig zEt/: put into use: exercise
  TYPICAL USE: My wife’s exert lots of pressure on me to change my job.
  Synonym: use
  oath/EJW/: a solemn promise often calling upon God
  TYPICAL USE: He places the right hand on the Bible as he spoke the oath of the office
  Synonym: pledge
  shatter/FAtE/: destroy completely; break suddenly into pieces
  TYPICAL USE: Their hope of finding him alive was shattered when his dead body was found.