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1. The bank is reported in the local newspaper ____ in broad daylight yesterday.
A. to be robbedB. robbed
C. to have been robbedD. having been robbed
2. ____before, his first performance for the amateur dramatic group was a success.
A. Though having never acted
B. As he had never acted
C. Despite he had never acted
D. In spite of his never having acted
3. By the middle of the 21st century, the vast majority of the world’spopulation ____ in cities rather than in the country.
A. are livingB. will be living
C. have livedD.will have lived
4. Mr. Milton prefers to resign ___ part in such dishonest business deals.
A. than take B.than to take
C. rather than takeD. rather than to take
5. No one would have time to read or listen to an account of everything ____going on in the world.
A. it isB.as isC.there isD.what is
6. There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened, ______a sudden loud noise.
A. being thereB.should there be
C.there wasD. there have been
7. Bit by bit , a child makes the necessary changes to make his language ___
A. as other peopleB.as other people’s
C.like other peopleD.like other people’s
8.Clothing made of plastic fibres has certain advantages over ____made of natural fibres like cotton, wool, or silk.
A. oneB.the oneC.thatD.what
9.The treasury issued an order stating that ____ land purchased from the government had to be paid for in gold and silver.
A. henceforthB.moreoverC. wherebyD.however
10.The students expected there ____ more reviewing classes before the final exams.
A. isB.beingC. have beenD.to be
11. It was during summer breaks that we first taste the satisfaction work that ____into hard currency.
A. translatesB. transfers
C. transplantsD. transmits
12.In some cases, your instructor may tell you the topics ____or may give you a choice of topics to write about.
A. in advanceB. ahead ofC. above allD. right away

13.It was the driver’s ____hat caused him to step on the gas instead of the brake after his car went over the curb.
A. fraudB. alarmC. terrorD. panic
14.Danny left this ____ message on my answering machine:
“I must see you. Meet me at twelve o’clock.” Did he mean noon or midnight?
A. ambiguousB.responsible
C. implicitD. thoughtful
15.We looked for a table to sit down, but they were all ____。
A.reserved forB. engaged in
C. used upD. taken up
16.She will have to find somewhere else to work, for she can’t ____this loud noise any longer.
A. come up withB. catch up with
C. keep up withD. put up with
17.Tom ____ his new job with confidence.
A. set outB. set offC. set upD. set about
18.The truck driver was fined for exceeding the speed ____。
A. rangeB. limitC. ruleD. regulation
19.The crippled Jack proudly walked with a ____ to the platform to join the children.
A. jumpB. limpC. hopD. jog
20.He cannot ____a car, for he does not earn much money.
A. obtainB. affordC. donateD. consume
21.The message is clear: Just as tea and banana cant’t go together, ______ should the son of a low class family expect to marry the daughter of a nobleman.
A. eitherB.notC. neitherD. nor
22.Though ____rich, she was better off than at any other period in her life.
A. by means ofB. within her means
C. by all meansD. by no means
23.It is a(n) ____ attitude to take towards life.
A. absurdB. sillyC. stupidD. authentic
24.Every year, one student in our high school wins a scholarship that ____ one year of college.
A. improvesB. subsidizesC. obligesD. inflicts
25.He wrote the book in ____ with his wife.
A. proportionB. installment
C. correspondence D. collaboration
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1. C)【句意】据当地报纸报道,那家银行昨天在光天化日下遭到抢劫。
2. D)【句意】虽然他以前从未表演过,但他为业余剧团做的首次表演还是很成功。
【难点】in spite of意为“尽管,虽然”,后接名词或名词性短语,引导出来状语。选项A)没有主语或逻辑主语,选项B)是原因状语从句,选项C)的despite不能引导状语从句,因为它是介词。
3. B)【句意】到二十一世纪中叶,世界上大多数人口将生活在城市而不是农村。
【难点】因为时间状语by the middle of the 21st century指的是将来,所以选将来进行时。
4. C)【句意】米尔先生宁愿辞职也不参加这种不诚实的商业交易。
【难点】prefer意为“宁愿”,其后接名词或动词不定式;prefer to do th.rather than do sth.意为“宁愿…而不愿…”,rather than后接不带to的不定式。
5. C)【句意】大家都没有时间去读或去听有关世界上正在发生的一切事件的描述。
【难点】在以there be为谓语动词的定语从句中,如关系代词作主语,则关系代词便可省略。
6. B)【句意】如果突然出现巨大的噪音,这些动物真的有可能受到惊吓。
【难点】该句是一个省略if的倒装的虚拟条件句,可还原为“if there should be.。.”。
7. D)【句意】一点一点地,儿童就会将自己的语言作些必要的修改,而使之与他人的语言相像。
8. C)【句意】用塑料纤维制成的衣服比用棉花、羊毛或丝绸等天然纤维制成的衣服有些优势
【难点】clothing是衣服、被褥的总称,不能用one或the one来指代。what相当于“先行词+that”,后边要接从句。所以只能用that指代clothing。
9. A)【句意】财政部发布命令,从即日起,向政府购买土地须以金、银支付。
10. D)【句意】学生们期望期末考试前能有更多的复习课。
11. A)【句意】暑假期间,我们第一次尝到了把劳动变成货币的滋味。
12. A)【句意】在有些情况下,你的导师会事先告诉你题目或把题目给你由你选写。
【难点】in advance意为“事先,预先”;ahead of意为“在…之前”;above all意为“尤其,最重要的是”;right away意为“立刻;马上”。

13. D)【句意】车上了马路边后,司机由于惊慌,没踩刹车,却踩了油门。
14. A)【句意】丹尼在我们回答机上留下一条模棱两可的信息:“我必须见你。12点来接我。”他是说中午还是半夜?
15. D)【句意】我们要找个桌子坐下,可是所有餐桌都已有人。
【难点】take up意为“占去(时间、地方、注意力等)”;reserve for意为“为…留出,保留”;engage in意为“从事;参加”;use up意为“用完,用光;耗尽”。
16. D)【句意】她将不得不去别处找工作,因为她再也不能忍受这么大的噪音。
【难点】put up with意为“忍受,容忍”;come up with意为“(针对问题、挑战)提出,想出”;catch up with意为“赶上”;keep up with意为“跟上(人、潮流、形势等)”。
17. D)【句意】汤姆满怀信心地投入新的工作。
【难点】set about意为“开始;着手”;set out意为“开始”,常与as, in, on连用;set off意为“(使)做某事”;set up意为“开业,开始经商”。
18. B)【句意】卡车司机因超速而被罚款。
19. B)【句意】跛脚的杰克充满自豪,一颠一跛地走上台,加入孩子们的行列。
20. B)【句意】他买不起小汽车,因为他挣钱不多。
21. C)【句意】这是明摆着的事:就像茶叶和香蕉不相搭配一样,下层阶级家庭的儿子也不可能指望娶一个贵族的女儿。
22. D)【句意】虽谈不上有钱,但她目前的境况比以往任何时候都要好。
【难点】by no means意为“一点也不…”;by means of意为“用,依靠”;within one’s means不是固定短语;by all means意为“无论如何,务必”。
23. A)【句意】这是一种荒唐的生活态度。
24. B)【句意】每年,我们学校会有一名同学获得一笔奖学金作为一年的大学生活补贴。
【难点】subsidize意为“给…津贴;资助”;improve意为“改进,改善”;oblige意为“施恩惠于,帮… 忙”;inflict意为“予以(打击);使遭受(损伤,苦痛等)”。
25. D)【句意】他和妻子合作写了一本书。
【难点】collaboration意为“合作;协作”,in collaboration with为固定搭配;proportion意为“比例”;installment意为“分期付款”;correspondence意为“符合;一致”。


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