Read the texts from a magazine in which five people voice their different opinions responding to an article on the issue of social networking. For questions 61 to 65, match the name of each person (61 to 65) to one of the statements ( A to G) given below. Mark your answers on your AN-SWER SHEET.
I think that I have to agree with you. The idea to surround yourself with good and successful people stil rings true. The electronic age may aid contact and communication. However, it does not substitute for looking someone in the eye. One has to have that person-to-person feel to instinc- tively grasp inner character. I' m sure that a combination of the two types of interaction will lend flavor to the future.
I naturally tend to prefer face-to-face relationship building. However, having friends and busi- ness acquaintances all over the world, I find that tools such as Linkedln are quite useful. Both enable me to maintain old connections and make new connections with people I find I have something in common with. Learning how to use these vehicles is the key. I think we are presently in the process of doing just that.
Just like what you have already mentioned, there is obviously a big difference between how people meet and interact on the net and in real world. What the network world offers is a more re- laxed, fun, expressive place to be. I like social networking particularly because it offers me a chance to make a lot of friends. That social networking sites do not build long-lasting relationships is just a misconception.
It is all about a combination of various networking sites, and, if you want to do business, just a few e-mall exchanges. That' s how I get to know my clients. Face-to-face networking is not al- ways possible for me. I have clients around the globe, 99% of whom I' ve never met in person. People who oppose social-networking sites don' t understand the real changes that have taken place in the last decade.
Sure enough, social networks are used to reconnect with friends. But they are also a tool for getting your business recognized. They are great places to place ads or comments about your busi-ness, because they are open to the public to view. It can be used as a way to network with would-be consumers. It is a perfect way to promote your business to the widest range of people globally.
Now match the name of each person (61 to 65) to the appropriate statement.
Note: there are two extra statements.
61. Laura
62. Mike
63. Nick
64. Linda
65. Helen
A. I do not think that online friendships are short-lived.
B. Networking can make your companies better known.
C. I doubt if people could use networking vehicles properly.
D. To benefit from networking, you should learn how to use it.
E. To understand people better, you have to meet them in person.
F. Social networking reflects the new demands of the changing time.
G. In my opinion, networking has more disadvantages than advantages. 下面这段文字是5个人对于当下社会人际关系网的不同观点。 劳拉: 我想我跟你想法一致。让自己身边充满好人和成功人士,这个想法听起来依然千真万确。电子时代帮助人们进行接触和交流,然而,它却不能代替面对面的交流。只有面对面的交流才能直达内心深处。我深信如果将这两种方式相结合定能为我们的将来增色不少。 迈克: 我会选择面对面的人际交流。然而,结交了全世界的朋友和生意场上的熟人之后,我发现像LinkedIn这样的工具十分有用。通过它我既可以和老朋友保持联系,也可以结交和我有共同点的新朋友。学会如何使用这些工具是关键所在。我认为我们当前正处在这一过程之中。 尼克: 就像你刚刚在前面提到的,人们在网络中和现实中的见面和互动存在着很大的区别。网络世界所提供的是一个更舒适、有趣和有表现力的地方。我之所以喜欢社交网络尤其是因为它能够提供结交许多朋友的机会。那种认为在社交网络上认识的朋友不能长久是错误的观念。 琳达: 这就涉及到各种网站的集合,而且,如果你想做生意,只要互发几封电子邮件即可。我也就是这样认识了我的客户。我不可能跟每个客户面对面地接触。我在全世界都有客户,其中99%的人我从未见过。那些反对社交网站的人不能真正理解过去十年里所发生的实实在在的各种变化。 海伦: 毫无疑问,社交网络可以用来联系朋友。但它们也可以作为让你的企业出名的工具。由于网络的公开性,你可以用它们发布有关的广告和评论。它也可以作为和潜在的顾客交流的一种方式。它是企业提升全球知名度的绝佳途径。 61.E【精析】主旨题。劳拉认为网络时代可以增进人们的接触和交流,但它不能代替现实世界的人际交往。这与E项的“为了更好地理解别人,你得亲自与他们接触”所表示的意思相同。故选E. 62.D【精析】主旨题。迈克认为学会使用一些网络工具能够更好地与***。这与D项“为了能使用网络工具进行有效的交际,你应该学会如何使用它”所表示的意思相同。故选D. 63.A【精析】主旨题。尼克认为他选择网络的最主要原因是网络能够提供许多结交朋友的机会,并且这种关系可以长期维持。这与A项“我认为网上的友情不是短期的”所表示的意思相同。故选A. 64.F【精析】主旨题。琳达认为网络为其提供客户,那些反对网络的人不能理解过去十年的变化。这与F项“网络社会折射出不断变化中的新需要”所表示的意思相同。故选F. 65.B【精析】主旨题。海伦认为网络不仅可以用来交友,还是扩大企业知名度的工具。这与B项“网络可让你的公司更出名”所表示的意思相同。故选B.