When you become a parent, much of your focus shifts from your own future to your kids' fu- ture. But one of the most effective ways to help your children learn to dream big is to ensure that your own dreams don't get pushed aside by everyday demands.
Our everyday experiences provide learning opportunities. When you tap into them, you create a lifelong learning habit that will always keep you growing. Even your most disappointing experi-ences can be turned into breakthroughs. Every dream begins in the imagination. Take a few minutes to sit down with a notebook and think about where you would like to be in 20 years. Write down details about all aspects of your ideal life. Feel free to imagine. Don't worry about whether you know how to get there now--you have 20 years to figure that out. You can also start by picking a year in the future and making a collection of things you'd like in your life by then. Check in on it from time to time to see where you've made progress.
We're often encouraged to work on our weaknesses, but working on your strengths is easier and creates better results. For help of identifying them, ask some friends, or colleagues to write down what they most appreciate about you. They' 11 enjoy doing this, and you' 11 feel great when you read the responses. Once you know your strengths, you can put them to work to help you achieve your dreams.
Confidence is the foundation for all your other abilities. "Progress, not perfection" is a great saying to keep your confidence high. Every night, write down five achievements that happened that day. Big or small, it doesn' t matter. If proper, add ideas for further progress and actions you can take to get started.
Find ways to add what you love to do to your life now. This will give you more energy and keep you connected with your bigger dreams. Making a list of old hobbies is a great way to restore your old passions. Things you' re enthusiastic about come with their own store of energy. Connect-ing with them can give you a push when you most need it.
51. In order to help your children to dream big you must
A. fulfill everyday tasks
B. build your own career
C. keep your own dreams
D. make them look ahead
52. The writer suggests that, to begin your big dream, you should
A. stretch your imagination
B. have a best-laid plan for 20 years
C. recollect all your likes and dislikes
D. engage yourself in lifelong learning
53. According to the writer, to achieve our dreams, we should
A. work on our strengths
B. develop our creativity
C. identify our weaknesses
D. seek advice from friends
54. To keep high confidence, it is important for one to
A. take appropriate actions
B. notice his daily progress
C. try his best in everything
D. form new ideas every day
55. The writer thinks that one can hold fast to his dream by
A. listing the details of his ideal life
B. improving some of his old hobbies
C. adding new ideas to his old dreams
D. energizing himself with old passions   当你成为一名父母,你的大部分注意力就会从自己的未来转向到孩子的未来。但是,帮助孩子树立远大理想的最有效的方式之一是保证自己的梦想没有被日常生活所干扰。我们日常的经历都可以作为学习的机会。当你注重发掘这些机会,你就形成了一种终身学习的习惯,这可以使你不断进步。即使是最糟糕的经历也可以变成成功路上的突破口。每一个梦想都来自于想象。花几分钟的时间拿个笔记簿,坐下来,想一想自己20年后的场景。写下自己理想生活的方方面面。大胆地去想象。不要考虑自己现在是否知道如何实现梦想——你有20年的时间去考虑。你也可以选出将来的一年,列出到那时你想实现的一系列事项。时不时地自我核对一下,看看自己在哪些方面取得了进步。人们通常鼓励我们克服缺点,但是利用自身的优势更为容易,也会带来更好的结果。为了帮助自己意识到自身的优势,你可以让一些朋友或同事写出他们最欣赏你的地方。他们会很乐意这么做。当你看到他们的回答后也会感觉很棒。一旦找到了自己的优势,你就可以充分利用它们并实现自己的梦想。信心是你其他能力的基础。俗话说“进步而不是完美”,这可以使你保持自信心。每天晚上都写下当天所实现的5个成就。成就的大小并不重要。如果合适的话,你可以为以后的进步和行动增添新的想法。现在就想办法把自己的兴趣融入自己的生活。这会给你带来更大的力量,使你追求更欠的梦想。罗列出曾经的爱好非常有助于保持激情。你所热衷的事情蕴含着巨大的能量。保持爱好会在你最需要的时候给予你动力。
  51.C【精析】细节题。由文章第一段的第二句"But one of the most ef- fective ways to help your children learn to dream big is to ensure that your own dreams don't get pushed aside by everyday demands."可知:帮助孩子树立远大理想的最有效的方式之一是保证自己的梦想没有被日常生活所干扰。故选C.
  52.A【精析】细节题。由文章第三段第一句"Every dream begins in theimagination."可知:开始梦想的第一步是要展开想象。故选A.
  53.A【精析】细节题。由文章第四段最后一句"Once you know yourstrengths, you can put them to work to help you achieve your dreams."可知:一旦找到了自己的优势,你就可以充分利用它们并实现自己的梦想。故选A.
  54.B【精析】推断题。由文章第五段第二句…Progress,not perfection' is a great saying to keep your confidence high.“可知:每天一点小进步是保持自信的重要途径。由此推断,为了保持高度自信,看见自己每天的进步是很重要的。故选B.
  55.B【精析】推断题。由文章最后一段第一句“Find ways to add whatyou love to do to your life now.”可知:现在就想办法把自己的兴趣融人自己的生活。同时,由该段最后两句“Things you‘re enthusi—astie about come with their own store of energy.Connecting witll them can give you a push when you most need it.”可知:你所热衷的事情蕴含着巨大的能量。保持爱好会在你最需要的时候给予你动力。由此可以推断改进一些先前的爱好可以使人坚持梦想。故选B.