Below is a chart showing the number of students wearing glasses within a class of 50 students in a junior high school. Look at the chart and write an essay of about 120 words making reference to the following points:
1) tendency of short-sightedness among the students;
2) possible reasons and solutions to the problem.

Poor Eyesight among Students
From the picture, we can see that the number of students wearing glas-ses in a class of 50 is on the rise from 16 in 2010 to 34 in 2012. Actually,the phenomenon is universal in junior and senior schools in China. But what brings about this problem for our youngsters?
In my opinion, heavy learning is the first reason. Nowadays students have to devote more time to learning, which often leads to overtired eyes.
Secondly, weak sense of protection is also responsible for the poorer eye-sight among the young people. Finally, an unbalanced diet is also to blame.Figuring out the causes, I strongly suggest the students take every possible measures to protect their eyesight. For example, taking several breaks dur-ing learning to relax the eyes; avoiding the overuse of the eyes; having a more balanced diet.
weak sense of protection保护意识薄弱
be responsible for…对…负责
unbalanced diet不均衡的饮食