Directions: You should write your responses to both Part A and Part B of this section on your ANSWER SHEET.
Part A
You want to invite John Smith, your former English teacher, to attend a reunion party of your class.
Write an email to him
1) telling him the purpose of the party, time and place of the party, etc. ;
2) expressing your wish for his accepting the invitation,
You should write approximately 100 words. Do not use your own name at the end of your email, Use "Wang Lin" instead. PartA
Dear John Smith, I anl writing to invite you to attend the reunion party of our class, which will be held on Friday. the l8th of January at 7:00 0'clock P.m. at the Spring Hotel, N0.120, Jianguo Road. We have graduated for 5 years and we all missed the beautiful atmosphere of the coHege life. That is why we hold this party trying to recollect our early memories. We take pleasure in inviting you to join US. If you accept Our sincere invitation, please inform US at your earliest convenience. enabling US to make the necessary preparations.
Yours Sincerely,
Wang Lin
the reunion party聚会
the beautiful atmosphere美好的氛围
the college life大学生活
recollect one's memories回忆
sincere invitation诚挚的邀请
at one's earliest convenience在某人方便的时候