We' ve read how babies stare longer and cry less when held by pretty people, and heard tales of handsome children doing better in school, given special attention by their teachers. In life, as in love, beautiful people seem to have it awfully easy. But what if we told you that when it comes to online dating, good looks could actually hurt you?
According to a recent survey of 43,000 users by OK Cupid, an online dating site, the moremen disagree about a woman' s looks, the more they end up liking her. What does that mean for ladies looking for a match? " We now have mathematical evidence that minimizing your weaknesses' is the opposite of what you should do," says the site's co-founder, Christian Rudder. "If you' re a little fat, play it up. If you have a big nose, play it up. Statistically, the guys who don't like it can only help you, and the ones who do like it will be all the more excited. "
The results of this study end up highlighting an idea that recent scientific research does indeed support. Which is this: the beautiful may have it good, but online, as in work and life, women who are too attractive don't always have an advantage.
Beauty creates more competition--among women, taught they must out-look each other for men and jobs and everyday satisfaction; and among men, who are competing for the most attrac- tive prize. All of which might help explain why 47 percent of corporate recruiters believe it' s pos- sible for a woman to suffer for being "too good-looking" ; why attractive women tend to face heightened examination from their female peers; or, finally, why men on OK Cupid end up con- tacting women who may ultimately be less attractive--because it removes the opposition. "If you suspect other men are uninterested, it means less competition," explains Rudder. "You might start thinking: maybe she's lonely., maybe she's just waiting to find a guy who appreciates her. at least I won' t get lost in the crowd. "
In the end, being beautiful will always have its blessings--but sometimes, there' s more to an
advantage than meets the eye.
51. It is generally believed that beautiful people_______
A. have less difficult in life B. are less worried about love C. pay less attention to others D. like to gaze at lovely babies
52. The OK Cupid survey found that men' s arguments over a woman' s looks
A. have little meaning B. benefit online dating C. will actually hurt her D. add to her popularity
53. Christian Rudder advises women to_______
A. play up their physical advantages B. view their popularity scientifically C. highlight their physical weaknesses D. accept guys who are willing to help
54. The attitude of women toward their attractive peers is_______
A. critical B. friendly C. conservative D. straightforward
55. The main idea of the text is that a woman' s good looks_______
A. help to shape ideas of beauty B. can put her at a disadvantage C. end up with blessings for her D. will always appeal to the eye
我们读过很多文章是关于漂亮的人抱着婴儿,婴儿会盯着看得时间更久,并且会哭得更少;也听过一些传说关于长得好的人在学校的表现更好。并且会受到老师的特殊照顾。在生活中,正如在爱情中一样,漂亮的人似乎生活得更容易。但是如果我们告诉你,在网上约会时,长得好看可能会伤害你,你会怎么样?根据一家互联网约会网站——0K丘比特最近一项针对43,000名用户所做的调查,男人越是不喜欢一位女士的外貌,最终越是可能喜欢上她。对于寻求另一半的女士来说,这意味着什么呢?“我们现在有绝对的证据表明你不应该隐藏自己的缺点,”该网站的合伙创办人——克里斯丁·卢德说。“如果你有点胖,突出它。如果你鼻子大,突出它。统计数据表明,不喜欢你的缺点的人只会帮助你,然而喜欢的人会更加兴奋。” 这个研究结果最终强调了,最近的科学研究确实支持了这一观点。该观点是:漂亮可能会有好处,但是在互联网上,正如在工作和生活中一样,太有吸引力的女性并不总是有优势。美丽带采更多的竞争,女性受到的教育是为了得到男人、工作以及日常的满足,她们必须比其他女性长得好看;而男性竞争是为了获得最好的战利品。这一切可能有助于解释为什么47%的招聘单位都认为长得太好看的女性可能会受苦;为什么女性同伴们对于长得好看的女性更加挑剔;最后一点,为什么在OK丘比特网站男性最终找的都是不怎么吸引人的女性——因为这减少了很多对手。“如果你觉得其他男性不感兴趣,那意味着更少的竞争,”卢德解释说。“你可能认为:可能她很孤独…。可能她只是等着找一位欣赏她的男士…,至少我不会迷失在人群巾,”最终,长得好看总是幸运的,但是有时候与养眼相比还有更多可以成为优势的方面。