Read the following three texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
Text 1
Today there are three different kinds of New Yorkers: the people who act as if they were born here; the people who are here and wish to be elsewhere; and the collection of virtual New Yorkers all over the world, who wish they were hying in New York. These are the three States of mind and what they have in common are longing and illusion. In fact, it' s a city of dreamers.
What makes New York special? New Yorkers are convinced of its speciainess--but Toronto is more diverse, London is larger, Washington is more powerful. So why does New York think it' s the capital of the world?
People often explain the problems in European cities by citing inequality. But New York today is one of the most unequal cities in America. In 2010, 1 percent of New Yorkers earned 45 percent of its income. That works out to an average of $ 3.7 million a year for the city' s top 34,500 households. The average daily income of this group is greater than the average annual income of the city's bottom 10 percent.
So why would people still come to try their luck in this tough place? Is it opportunity or illu- sion that draws them?
They come because any newcomer can find a place in the hierarchy of New York. If you look at a New York City restaurant, for example, the cook might be French, the people washing dishes might be Mexican, the hostess might be Russian, the owner might be British. They arc not all equal. They earn different rates. But they work together to get food to hungry people.
What New York demonstrates is this: immigration works. The city can use its immigrants, even the illegal ones. Though they broke the law by illegally crossing the borders, the city' s econ- omy would be a shell of itself had they not, and it would collapse if they were deported. Attracted here by the founding myth of the city, each immigrant is seeking to escape from history, personal and political. For him, New York is the city of the second chance.
46. The writer mentions the three kinds of New Yorkers to stress that_______
A. they share the same longing B. they are in pursuit of dreams
C. they are proud of their birthplace D. they wish to live in another place
47. In the eyes of New Yorkers, their city is_______
A. powerful B. diverse C. special D. large
48. The figures in paragraph 3 are given to show that New York_______
A. favors the lucky B. favors tue locals C. is a city of inequality D. is a city of opportunities
49. People keep coming to New York because they can find jobs that_______
A. challenge them B. suit them well C. pay them well D. raise their status
50. It is hnplied in the text that New York is_______
A. a tolerant city B. a wealthy city C. a mythical city D. a historical city
47.C 【精析】细节题。根据第二段第一、二句话:什么使得纽约与众不同?纽约人确信纽约是独一无二的。故选C.