Read the following text from which 10 words have been removed. Choose from the words A-0 the most suitable one to fill each numbered gap in the text (46-55). There are FIVE extra words that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
It can be a special experience to go on a family trip during the holiday season, but one reason that many parents 46 to stay home is the cost of travel. Here are some ways of reducing your travel 47
Flying is a fast way to arrive at your destination, but the cost of airline tickets can really add up if you are buying flights for the whole family. Often, it is cheaper to pay for gas 48 the whole family can fit in the car, 49 with the current decreases in gas prices.
If your destination is too far to drive to, you should look at a variety of 50 for your flight times. For example, it is often cheaper to fly on Christmas day instead of flying a few days before Christmas. Also, 51 early morning flights is cheaper than traveling during peak times during the day.
Eating out 52 you are on the road can quickly increase the trip cost, and it's much cheaper to stop at the grocery store, planning your own food 53 If you plan to eat out, then it' s usually cheaper to eat at a restaurant during breakfast or lunch, 54 you to skip the higher dinner prices.
Also, it might be cheaper to visit an all-inclusive resort. These resorts include all the meals and a variety of activities, and many of them have children's activities so that the kids can 55 entertained during the trip.
B. if
C. begin
D. choose
E. driving
F. Especially
G. Expenses
H. instead
I. before
J. options
K. Stay
L. Taking
M. too
N. Troubles
O. while 节假日和家人一起出游是一种特别的体验,但是许多家长(46)选择待在家的原因是因为旅行花费较多。以下是一些减少你的旅行(47)费用的方法。 坐飞机是到达目的地的一种快速方式。但是如果全家人购买机票的话会大大增加旅行的费用。通常,(48)如果汽车可以承栽的话,开车旅行会更便宜,(49)特别是最近油价也下降了。 如果你的目的地太远,开车无法到达时,你应该查看各个航班时间的(50)选择性。例如,圣诞节当天的航班要比节前几天的航班便宜。同样,(51)乘坐早班机要比高峰期出行班机便宜。 (52)在旅途间吃饭也会增加旅行成本,途中在杂货店准备自己的食物(53)替代会更便宜。如果你们计划外食,那么在酒店吃早餐或午餐会比较便宜,(54)允许你避开收费高的晚餐。 另外,去费用全包的度假酒店也会比较便宜。这些度假酒店包括所有餐食和一系列活动,其中许多度假酒店还有儿童活动。所以孩子在旅行中能(55)保持开心。 答案:46.D 47.G 48.B 49.F 50.J 51.L 52.O 53.H 54.A 55.K