Below is a picture showing a young woman who works at home. Write an essay of about 120 words making reference to the following points:
1) the possible reasons why some people choose to work at home;
2) the strengths and weaknesses of working at home

Working at Home
Nowadays, more and more people choose to work at home rather than in the office. People working at home can have their free time and set their own schedules.
There are many strengths of working at home. Firstly, you are free to have your own work and life. Secondly, you can save the time and money for the transportation. Otherwise, there are some weaknesses of working at home as well It's not good for people to communicate with others. What's more, away from office, the working efficiency at home tends to be slower as the pressure will be less.
As far as I am concerned, I prefer to work at home if I have the oppor- tunity because I can work and look after my son as well.
on the other hand 另一方面
as well 也,又
be good for 对…有好处
what‘s more 此外,另外
tend to 有…趋势,倾向
as far as sb. be concemed 对某人来说
prefer to do 更喜欢做