Every year for more than a decade I've gone with some good male friends to the music festival. Women are not invited, but they do prepare a picnic for our trip. The better the food, the more likely we are to continue our annual tradition and give them peace at least one week out of the year.
When we're not eating, we sit around in circles and talk about manly stuff: women, mostly.After years of this special journey I have figured out women are different from us, especially when it comes to how we communicate. Women don't need to manufacture reasons to chat, but guys need excuses like outings or organized events.
And I've noticed that when women are in groups there can be several conversations going on at once. When men are in a group, one man talks, and everybody else listens. It's like bluegrass jamming in a way; one musician plays the lead, and the rest try to follow.
I've had more heartfelt conversations with other men at the festival than I've had at any other time in my life, partly because there are no women there, and partly because we're all a little drunk. It was males bonding over whatever parts we still had left. The festival is also the only place I've ever cried in front of other men.
As the years have slipped by, some in our group have lost parents and grandparents, some have divorced, and others have changed careers, not always on purpose. It seems that every year something distressing has happened to at least one member of our crew, and the rest of us are there to listen and offer support.
I hope that this column can offer some comfort to women: if your man heads out on a bowling or poker night with the guys, be happy. Chances are good he's not fleeing you and the kids, but he's running toward the conversations he can only have with other men, and he'll come home the better for it.
51. It is implied in the first paragraph that
A. the trip is a relief for both men and women________
B. the trip will continue in spite of everything
C. the quality of the picnic needs improvement
D. the women can rarely get peace themselves
52. Men and women differ in the way they talk in that________
A. men like to play the lead in conversations
B. women can strike up a talk for any reason
C. men can be engaged in several talks at once
D. women are good listeners in conversations
53. That the author cried in front of other men reveals________
A. the effect of bluegrass music upon men
B. the effect of alcohol on men's behaviors
C. men's need to release their deep emotions
D. men's need to cultivate intimate friendship
54. What is the idea that the author wants to convey in paragraph 5 ?
A. Life is doomed to be full of distresses.
B. Changes are the constant theme of life.
C. Friendship stays despite changes in life.
D. Life consists of sweating and harvesting.
55. In the last paragraph, the author advises women to________
A. encourage their husbands to improve their life style
B. encourage their husbands to go bowling or play poker
C. give their husbands chances to flee from housework
D. give their husbands chances for male communication 参考译文 近十几年来,每年我都会和一些男性好友去参加音乐节。我们没有带上妻子,但是她们会为我们的旅途准备野餐食物。食物越丰盛,我们就越有可能继续我们每年的传统,留给她们一年当中至少一星期的放松时间。 当我们吃完饭时,我们会围坐一圈谈论男性话题,大部分是关于女性。在许多年的特殊旅行后,我意识到女性和我们是不同的,特别是关于交流方式。女性们不用找理由去聊天,而男人却需要如外出或组织活动等理由来进行交流。 我注意到当有一群女性时,会立刻产生许多话题。但在一群男性中,当一位男性在说话时,其他男性都在倾听。就像即兴演出蓝草音乐,一人主奏,其他人合奏。 与其他时候相比,大多是在音乐节的时候我跟好友有过推心置腹的交谈,一部分是因为没有女性在场,还有一部分是因为我们都有点喝醉了。这是一种我们所具有的超越任何事物的兄弟情谊。我也只在音乐节时在其他男性朋友面前大哭过。时光荏苒,我们这群兄弟中,有人失去了父母,有人失去了祖父母,有人离婚,也有人换了职业,当然,这些都并非刻意。似乎每年我们中至少有一人会发生这样令人悲痛的事情,这时其他人就会倾听并给予他支持。我希望这个栏目会给女性带来一些安慰。如果你的丈夫晚上和朋友出去打保龄球或玩扑克,你应该要感到高兴。他很有可能不是在逃避你和孩子,而是跟他的朋友聊一些只能和他们谈的话题,他之后就会回家,这样反而更好。 51.A【精析】推断题。文章第一段介绍了作者每年一次和男性友人的音乐之旅,跟他们一起放松,同样留给妻子们一年当中至少一星期的放松时间。由此可推断,这个旅行对男性和女性来说都是放松时间。故选A. 52.B【精析】细节题。由文章第二段最后一句"Women don‘t need to manufacture reasons to chat, but guys need excuses like outings or organized events."可知,女人们不用找理由去聊天,而男人却需要如外出或组织活动等理由。故选B. 53.C【精析】推断题。由文章可知,这个音乐节只有男士参加,他们都是亲密的朋友,作者只有在这才哭过,可以推断出,男士们也需要释放他们的情感。故选C. 54.C【精析】推断题。从文章第五段可知,尽管男性朋友的生活中总会出现这样那样的事故,但是大家都会倾听并支持他,由此可推断,不管生活怎么改变,友谊会一直不变。故选C. 55.D【精析】推断题。文章最后一段,作者建议如果你的丈夫出去打保龄球或者打牌,你应该要感到高兴,因为他在跟男性之间进行交流,从朋友那获得支持和帮助。由此可知,作者建议妻子应给丈夫们机会去讲行男性之间的交流.故诜D.