You should write your responses to both Part A and Part B of this section on your ANSWER SHEET.
Part A
66. Your friend Paul is coming to visit you next month. In his last email, he asked you about the interesting places in your hometown. Write an email back to Paul, telling him about:
1) some interesting places you would recommend;
2) things necessary for the travel.
You should write approximately 100 words. Do not use your own name at the end of your email. Use "Wang Lin" instead.
Dear Paul,
I was very pleased to learn you will visit Shanghai. I hope the follow-ing information will help you enjoy your stay in my hometown.Shanghai is a big and busy city. I know you are interested in art andhistory, so firstly, I suggest you visit Shanghai Museum. Secondly, not farfrom the museum is the famous Bund, where you will also have a wonderfulview of Pudong; the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Jinmao Tower-the third highest building in the world!
By the way, you need to bring some casual clothes and sports shoes. When you get here, you also need to buy a map.I hope these suggestions will be helpful.
Looking forward to meeting you here.
Yours Sincerely,
Wang Lin
be pleased to do sth.很高兴做某事
as well as和
looking forward to doing期待…