Read the following text from which 10 words have been removed. Choose from the words A-0 the most suitable one to fill each numbered gap in the text (46-55). There are FIVE extra words that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
I can't believe the kind of rubbish that some people call art. Yesterday, my girlfriend dragged me to a modern art 46 to see an exhibition she had read about in the paper. It was five or six so-called installations made of bits of plastic, wood and paper that 47 just to have been thrown on the floor. It was a mess, basically--just like the floor in my sister's house when my two-year- old nephew' s left all his toys out, but less 48 Come to think of it, 49 you had given those bits of plastic, wood and paper to my nephew, he could probably have50something just as good. I guess, sometimes, the cleaners end up throwing art like that in the bins at the end of the day,51 they must find it hard to work out what' s an exhibit and what' s just 52
I think that if a painting or an installation looks like something I could have done myself in fifteen minutes, it doesn't 53 to be called art. But when I say that, people like my girlfriend say I' m "uncultured." I think a lot of the people who say they 54 the kind of stuff we saw yester- day are just pretending--deep down they know it' s rubbish but they don' t want to be the first one to admit it because, unlike me, they' re 55of being looked down on.
B. appreciate
C. Because
D. Colorful
E. created
F. Deserve
G. dislike
H. gallery
I. if
J. litter
K. object
L. proved
M. seemed
N. serious
0. when
答案:46.H 47.M 48.D 49.I 50.E 51.C 52.J 53.F 54.B 55.A